Friday, November 14, 2003

Americans are increasingly turning to the world of popular culture to name their children, a study has found.

Psychology professor Cleveland Evans discovered the trend after surveying US social security records for 2000... Mr Evans told BBC News Online one reason for the popularity of brands as names is a growing desire on the part of parents to mark their children out as different.
He also says that naming a child after a brand such as Armani or Chanel, associated with money or exclusivity, reflects the material hopes of such families.
"It is no different from the 19th century when parents named their children Ruby or Opal... it reflects their aspirations" he says.

And to think that made up names weren't retarded enough. I'd like to see parents naming their kids after cheap shit, like Clorox and Tampax, or the brand of condom that broke and resulted in the little bastard's conception.

Thanks to Warren Ellis for the link. Cheers.

The results for Ann Coulter and Gangbang in metacrawler. I like number ten myself.

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An oldie but goodie from The Onion's Archives: "Mistranslated Myths of Nomadic Desert Shepard Tribe Taken At Face Value."

My gift, to everyone. If you really cared, you'd do this immediately.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

"The personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.”
— Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

There is a cold wind that blows through Europe now, as much a result of omission as it is ignorance; treacherous words rolled off of poisonous tongues, their owners adopting crude caricatures of humanity, more simian than human in their violent motions and affect.
Even after 60 years, the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe has continued unabated, fed by rhetoric and poor economic progress, as well as good old-fashioned national pride. A recent poll by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League showed that Europeans’ attitudes toward Jews have increased exponentially within the past two years, with “30 percent harboring a wide range of traditional anti-Semitic stereotypes, 45 percent believing Jews are more loyal to Israel than their own country, 30 percent believing Jews to have too much power in the business world and 39 percent stating that Jews still talk too much about the Holocaust.” In addition, reports from across Europe show that hostility and violence toward Jews is on the rise.
The most recent incident concerns a group of Jewish youths aged 15-17 as they congregated in France (dank, heaving orifice that it is) at the Champs-Elysees for the first Sunday in September, as has been the tradition for Paris Jews youth for years. During their stroll across the boulevard, the group was beset upon by a mass of South African Moslems who began violently groping the young girls. When asked to stop, they reportedly replied, “Dirty Jews, shut your mouths".
As the group of young Jews broke away from the Mohammedan rabble, they were violently attacked, as bottles, stones and cries of “Heil Hitler” and “Death to the Jews” pelted them from all sides. After nearly three hours, the Paris police dispensed special crowd dispersal troops (with as much energy and enthusiasm as they would chasing a bar of soap) to isolate the Jews and protect them from the mob. Despite the police presence, the Muslim horde and their supporters continued their unrelenting assault on the children, attempting to cross the police barricade and persisting in their barrage of crude missiles.
The incident in France is, sadly, just one example of the persistent and abiding sentiment that has reared its ugly head as of late. Banners at soccer games across Europe, particularly in Italy and the Balkans have been inscribed with swastikas and fascist symbols, sporting such slogans as “Against Zionism Racism, for Real Peace—Intifada Until Victory.”
Scholars and cultural critics point fingers at America’s backbone of institutionalized slavery as the apex of hatred and oppression, and while the sins of the industrial machine at the end the 19th century are vast and horrific, the fact is that Europe made racism, particularly anti-Semitism, an art form long before the inception of our adolescent country.
The reasons for this are numerous, but it boils down to several key thrusts. Unlike the vast movement of Puritans and exiles to the colonies, Europeans in particular descended from tiny villages, swaddled in filth and hard circumstance. The numerous tribes would war with each other over tiny slivers of land, burning rival villages, killing all the able bodied men and raping the women. Before the advent of movies, Saturday nights consisted of axe fights, the forcible impregnation of the adversary’s daughters and the enslavement of anyone over the age of eight. And all done with the quaint charm of European authenticity. Certain tribes were so good at it that they managed to successfully translate their grisly pastimes of murder and gang rape from sport to occupation with exceptional success.
The Jews presented an easy target due to their disorganization after the Diaspora. The expulsion of an entire race from their homeland proved an inconvenience to the now emergent empires. Having little use for them except slave labor, the European and Muslim forces saw fit to exterminate as many of them as possible. However, small bands of Jews managed to slip away, integrate themselves into societies and slowly rebuild their people. The tenacity of the Jews has always frustrated Europeans. If there’s one thing they take seriously, it’s their genocide.
In addition to the mass murder perpetrated by the Europeans, the Jews have had to contend with growing masses of Islamic followers. Enemies since day one, Muslims have always hated the children of Jacob, not only for abandoning their pyramid duties, but also because of their success. While Israel decided that a secular approach best served the development and growth of their people, Muslims were still wailing to the heavens five times a day, obeying the dogmatic will of their Imams and stoning women to death for showing ankle in public. They despise the Jews because they’re part of one of the only countries in the whole bloody Middle East that actually functions, while the rest of them have to drink from the same ditch that they piss in.
Americans, despite our occasional bursts of prejudice and cretinism, have at least made great strides toward tolerance and acceptance. For us, it’s an ongoing process, but one that we believe in and work for because we’ve learned from our mistakes, realized that the only way to go is forward. We can only hope that Europe does the same.

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